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Baiq Biopharm(Shandong),a comprehensive pharmaceutical technology enterprise which is committed to build a research and development platform for innovative bio-pharmaceuticals and cutting-edge pharmaceutical intermediates, including anti-tumor, anti-virus and antidepressant products. Our company has established deep cooperation with well-known universities in China, such as Hunan University, Shenzhen University, Dalian University of Technology, to integrate the industry-university-research model and promote the progress of the company's innovation ability. Our company focus on those customers served on global drug developers  and research institutes.

Our pursuit is always to build an international first-class pharmaceutical technology research and development platform.

The start-up team has been engaged in this industry for more than 10 years, which has rich experience in enterprise operation management, compound screening, compound synthesis, achievement transformation and market development. Qur company will make the best use of the experience and talent resources of drug research and development, adhereing to the concept that quality and reputation are the life of enterprises. Our company will always give top priority to providing more opportunities for employees and creating best benefits for customers.


scientific research and development

Our company will always give top priority to breaking international technical barriers. Dydrogesterone and Fulvestrant are our representative product. To build an international first-class medical technology research and development platform and " Make patients live with more dignity " is the goal of Baiqi.


Representative product information:Fulvestrant and Dydrogesterone
Fulvestrant:A drug that can be used to down-regulate the level and activity of estrogen receptor (ER). It can be used for local advanced estrogen receptor positive or metastatic breast cancer and other diseases that recur after anti estrogen adjuvant treatment or during treatment, or that progress in anti estrogen treatment after menopause (including natural menopause and artificial menopause). Our company has made breakthrough progress in the process research and development of it.
Dydrogesterone :It is mainly used to treat diseases caused by endogenous progesterone deficiency, such as premonitory abortion or habitual abortion caused by dysmenorrhea, endometriosis and progesterone deficiency. The project of Dydrogesterone independently developed by our company has broken the international technological monopoly and completed the experimental level research by using the unique interdisciplinary synthesis method of chemistry and biology.